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About JNG

JNG Co., Ltd. is a professional precision component cutting plant, which was founded in 1991, in other words, with a history of more than 20 years. In the beginning, our main business is the processing of components for automobile and motorcycle, but today, our business has been switched to the processing of precision components. We have adopted the most advanced CNC computerized composite precision automatic lathe to be applied to components of all kinds of difficulties, complexities and high precision. We provide satisfied services to customers from purchase, manufacturing to packaging and delivery, meanwhile, we can process according to the requirements of drawing and sample from customers. In the processing quality, we have developed new technologies continuously to enhance the processing precision and stability, to reduce the production cost, i.e., our goal is to provide competitive components to our customers.


The items in our processing product include mechanical seal, mechanical hardware component, precision component processing, yacht hardware component and electronic precision component, etc. Meanwhile, our expertise in customized production field is our core competence. Our professional knowledge and strict inspection technique creates our leadership in this industry. Our innovative spirit and professional engineering team makes us capable of staying competitive and showing our differentiation to our competitors in this ever changing industry.

Business operation concept
  • Improve continuously our technology, innovation and processing quality.
  • Enhance our production efficiency and our service quality is our goal.

    Brand story

    The main business for JNG Co., Ltd. is gear coating. We are professional and a trustworthy partner to work with. Rigidity and softness is in co-existence in our company.


    Our passion and business operation concept is embedded in our gear product to impress our customers.